I’m a Christian writer that is tired of all of the sissy Christian media reviewers trying to gain a sense of self-importance by trying to convince us that anything that doesn’t have Kirk Cameron in it is evil. Christianity by its very nature pushes the envelope of our understanding, our emotions, and our tendencies by showing us the darker or nobler sides of ourselves. In a world that is covered with both good and evil, it stands to reason that the majority of human reactions and thus the filmed actions and interactions of actors in most types of stressful environments or situations would be less than lovely. However, whether the reaction is honorable or not is not necessarily indicative of a teachable moment. Besides, sometimes it is just fun to see things blow up and watch the good guy beat the crap out of the bad guy. If you are like that, then this blog is for you. Comment freely and often and let’s get started in a discussion about movies and shows that are actually fun to watch and leave us without images of flowers and puppies.

In my reviews I attempt to review movies based upon parts that seemed needed to tell the story in the manner it is being told.  That is to say, not all nudity in a movie is going to be listed as wrong and not all violence in a movie is going to be designated as pointless.  Take and look at a few reviews and you’ll get what I mean, it isn’t too complicated.

Again.  I’m happy you are here, feel free to comment even if you disagree and I look forward to talking about movies and TV shows with everyone.

Ray Dawson



  1. Thank you for following my poetry on WordMusic, my poetry blog. I love your dedication. I hope you will understand mine because some of my poems about religion might annoy you. Bear with me, another poem will be right behind it that does not deal with anyone’s belief system

    Brent Kincaid

    • It is funny how things go in circles. I just posted the same award and nominated you, I just hadn’t gotten around to telling everyone yet. Small blogging world.

      • Haha, I saw it! I was going to nominate you when someone else nominated me a couple days ago but then I got side tracked and kind of forgot about doing it until I saw yours today. Lol

  2. I too am weary of the sappy mainstream Christian culture. Which is why I write “Hot Topic” Christian fiction. My books include gay characters, grunge rockers, ex-hippies. I think the edgy stuff appeals to the younger-generation Christians, but would probably be frowned on by the old-school Christian.

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