Giant stone head says……I’LL CRUSH YOU TINY SHINY WOMAN!!!!

Movie: Prometheus

Main Actors: Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall-Green and Michael Fassbender

MPAA Rating: R

Passionate Expressions:  Quite a few and I would say that I would have said them myself.

Useless Vulgar Language:  Not too many, not enough for me to really notice anyway.

Sex in Reality:  There was a couple that had sex, although they didn’t show it. I think they were married, they had a ring, but it wasn’t really obvious what their relationship was.  Regardless, the fact that they would want to share a night of passion made total sense to me.

Imaginary Sex:  Some women wear small amounts of clothing, just like in the movie Alien. The outfits are needlessly made sexy but it isn’t all that bad. 

Real Violence:  Yep, most of it done by a woman, which is Scott’s preferred Sci-fy protagonist.  Some of the violence is fairly gruesome so viewer beware.

Action Violence:  I wouldn’t say there was any of this, everything was tied to the plot quite well.

Pointless Violence: Nope.

Overall Rating:  A


Cinematography: A

Visual Effects: A

Sound/Score: B+

Story: A-

Acting: A

Food to Watch With:  You can eat spaghetti, because in this movie, no one dies while eating it.  Hooray.

Plot Synopsis:  Ridley Scott delves back into his Alien universe and ponders the ideas of creation and purpose while attempting to scare the crap out of us.

Review:  So….I’ve read alot of reviews on this movie and I have to say……..there are alot of stupid critics out there.  This movie was awesome.   I’ll admit I went in expecting the world; I love so many of Scott’s movies.  Alien, Gladiator, White Squall, Black Hawk Down, Robin Hood, Kingdom of Heaven and so on.  I went in expecting and it was delivered, like a punch to the face.  I don’t necessarily agree with all of the views that are put forth in this movie, and one of the nice parts was that it doesn’t necessarily make too many claims.  I like that faith is not ruled out and that the idea of having no purpose is explored in depth, in a very abrupt way.  Speaking of that, major kudos for Fassbender, he played his part extremely well and I thought he carried the film.  I won’t delve into the specifics of the plot as it is fun to watch them unfold for yourself; but it could lead to some great philosophical and faith-based discussions, especially between people who do not believe the same things.  This movie wasn’t quite as scary as Alien but there were some pretty intense scenes; especially for anyone who is a little squeamish about surgeries.  All in all, a great movie that is great for people who can handle hard R content.

Life Lessons: The Corporation will always stab you in the back, always; even if you are family.

Summary:  Scott makes another totally awesome movie.  Also, it was great in 3D.

Would I Watch This Again:  YES!!!!!



  1. I like that you break down the violence and sex aspects, since those often detract from movies, at least for me. I enjoyed Prometheus overall (it narrowly made my top 365 movies), though that surgery scene really disturbed me. I hope Scott makes another sequel.

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