The Wall at the End of the Universe

I am currently in the middle of writing a new book.  I have a very small self-help book for parenting called “You Love your Child: Now Look at its Butt” that is currently available on Amazon. However, where my heart truly resides is in the eternal glory and the songs sung about my written words that are certainly part of my future.

To that end I wrote a book, then threw it away because it would only amaze and astound for one generation, not the three or four like I wanted.  So I wrote another book, but I threw that one away because it looked at me a little funny.  But this third one…….. I’m pretty sure this third one will make it.  To that end I’ll be slowly putting up the first few chapters for everyone to look at and admire.  Please give me feedback if you desire, but only if it will further my belief in my own awesomeness.

You can find it here at Wattpad.





  1. A published novelist once gave the advice not to throw away an idea, instead, put it aside for a while until you have the heart to love it again. Maybe you

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