gravityTake a hint, apparently the Earth doesn’t want you here any more!!!!

Movie: Gravity

Main Actors: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and Ed Harris

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (I personally would have rated it R)

Passionate Expressions:  A couple, but they were definitely part of the context of the story.

Useless Vulgar Language: None.

Sex in Reality:  No sex in this movie.

Imaginary Sex:  No sex in this movie.

Real Violence:  Yes, there was violence, not done by people but it would fit this category.

Action Violence:  Nope.

Pointless Violence: No.

Manly Rating:  A+


Cinematography: A+

Visual Effects: A+

Sound/Score: A

Story: A

Acting: A+

Food to Watch With:  ICE CREAM OF THE FUTURE!!!!!!!

Plot Synopsis:  An astronaut attempts to make it back to earth after space debris kills George Clooney.

Review:  I don’t just give away A+ reviews, but this movie was freaking fantastic.  The acting was believable and pulled some tears out of me, the graphics were insane (if you can see this movie in 3D then do yourself a favor and go watch it that way), the sound/score fit the movie and the pacing was unique but it worked.  This isn’t an action movie about space, although there is a lot that.  This movie is more about dealing with loss and what it means to keep on living.  It goes about telling it’s story in a very delicate and almost invisible way until the emotional climax of the movie, which I thought was done better than any other this year.  I would have rated it an R due to some stronger language and a little bit of gore, but mostly due to the intensity of the film and the subjects it delves into.

Life Lessons:  If you have a fire extinguisher you can survive in space, just as we all learned in WALL-E

Summary:  Great movie that tells its story with grace and style.

Would I Watch This Again:  I’ll try to get away but I have the feeling it will draw me back in.


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