Jurassic World


I’m sure it will work this time, for sure.

Movie: Jurassic World

Main Actors: Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (I’d say this rating is accurate as this movie wasn’t quite as scary as Jurassic Park)

Passionate Expressions:  People curse here and there, but when dinosaurs are on the loose, I would say they are warranted.

Useless Vulgar Language:  I didn’t think so.  The director for this movie was smart enough to not try to push the PG-13 boundary just for the sake of pushing it.

Sex in Reality:  No sex in this movie, Chris Pratt just talks about it for a second in the abstract; I thought in a humorous way.

Imaginary Sex:  No actual sex in this movie, and no crass or crude joking just for laughs.

Real Violence:  As this movie is science fiction, any violence might not be considered ‘real’; however, the spirit of the real violence section is to determine if the violence was mandated or played a vital role to the plot of the story.  The violence in this movie was very warranted and handled very well.

Action Violence:  As for violence that existed just to entertain and remind us this was an action movie there was extremely little.  In fact, only one scene could be considered for this category and it is arguable that it was necessary.  There is a part where a woman is shown enduring and very drawn out attack by pterodactyls and a Sea Monster.  It lasted a bit longer than other sequences.  It was hard to tell if they were trying to set a mood, edging the rating or just forgot to edit the sequence.

Pointless Violence: None

Overall Rating:  A+


Cinematography: A-

Visual Effects: A

Sound/Score: A+

Story: A

Acting: A-

Food to Watch With: Food you like to eat at an amusement park and a margarita.

Plot Synopsis:  Built on the ashes of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World makes all the same mistakes for the same wonderful reasons.

Review:  This movie is freaking awesome!!!!!!!  I love the original Jurassic Park and Lost World movies and this one does not disappoint.  Jurassic World does everything that I hoped it would do.  I was finally able to see what the fully functioning theme park would look like, I was treated to John Williams’ score again, I saw Chris Pratt acting like a badass, I saw lots and lots of dinosaurs and most of all I saw dinosaurs eat people.   This movie capitalized on the reason the Jurassic Park was such a great success; by not being a horror movie.  At the core of the Jurassic Park/World franchise is one emotion: Joy!  The joy of seeing all of those wonderful creatures that we all grew up learning about.  There is a scene early on where a very little boy hugs a baby dinosaur that looked an awful lot like Little Foot in a dinosaur petting zoo and I almost cried.   The movies always end with the dinosaurs escaping due to the arrogance of the people that run the park, or the corporations that fail to understand the difference between a product and living things and Jurassic World is no exception.  That is part of the reason for the success of these movies.  We all understand by now that control is an illusion, we understand that if a park like this was ever built the idea that the dinosaurs will get out is not an idea but an eventual reality; however, even knowing this we would all still build it.  To not build a park like this, to ignore the idea of certain death and walk away from all of those sharp, pointy teeth would be to deny our childhood.  Yes, we will eventually be eaten, but we have to believe that we will shout “worth it” as the dinosaur chokes us down.   Believe what you will, but if I ever become a billionaire and some obviously evil scientist comes to me and says he can build me dinosaurs,  I WILL BUILD THE DINOSAURS!!!!

When it comes to the acting I thought everyone did a terrific job, although my wife and I disagreed on the character that Bryce Dallas Howard played.  She felt the character was not given enough to work with and was an extremely boring female character surrounded by extremely exciting male characters.  I thought her character had been made one-dimensional on purpose, to show what being a corporate sell-out can do to a person.  But I do agree with my wife that there was a lack of interesting female characters.  That might be because Crichton’s novel was written that way, who knows, I’ll save the discussion about the number of actresses in good stories for later.  When it came to Chris Pratt’s character I could not have been happier.  It was nice to see a guy that is a totally awesome, kick-butt, hardcore action hero also have a compassionate side.  He had been sassing people throughout the movie, but when people were in danger he stowed his sarcasm and acted like a human being.  I loved it.

As always there are no spoilers in my reviews so I’ll end by saying that yes, there were definitely some cheesy moments; but, this is Jurassic World after all and if you go into it expecting it to be what it is, it will be exactly that.

Life Lessons: When Chris Pratt says to go get the big guns, you go get the big guns.

Summary:  Fantastic movie that delivered on all cylinders.  I can not say enough good things about this movie.

Would I Watch This Again:  Yes, yes…..a million times yes.


  1. haha, interesting point on control as an illusion and the thrill-seeking risk of building the dinosaurs anyway, even CEO Masrani suggests to Claire in the helicopter that she accept that “we are never fully in control”, and he ends up being killed in a helicopter in what’s probably a rather cheap, unwarranted way (crash from pterodactyls, c’mon)

    As for Claire’s character, I think she is rather dynamic in that she displays a shift from being more focused on her corporate job to being more human in the presence of her nephews. In the beginning of the movie, she meets Zach and Gray but then leaves them with a babysitter while she goes back to work. Then when she gets a call from the boys’ mother (her sister Karen), she is given a lecture about family and why it’s worthwhile to have kids of her own. Towards the end of the film, she becomes more protective of them and probably seems more of a maternal figure than the boys’ actual mother herself.

    Speaking of Claire…you didn’t mention anything about her running in heels, lol.

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