The Woman in Black

Where has the fame from Harry Potter gone! Ron!!!!!!

Movie: The Woman in Black

Main Actors: Daniel Radcliffe and Janet McTeer

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (the subject matter was pretty dark for this rating, I might call it closer to an R)

Passionate Expressions:  There is not much talking in this movie and all of it is kept to the Victorian period.

Useless Vulgar Language:  Nope, the creepiness factor of this movie was enough that they apparently didn’t need to throw in any useless language.

Sex in Reality:  No sex in this movie.

Imaginary Sex:  Absolutely no sex in this movie.

Real Violence:  Violence? Not really as there are no action sequences.  There is however a great deal of courage shown by the main character and I guess that could be considered in this category as a yes.

Action Violence:  Nope.

Pointless Violence: I guess what the grumpy ghost does is in this category by default, but that is the way real life is; real violence is what is needed when others have decided to do silly things.

Overall Rating:  B+


Cinematography: A

Visual Effects: A

Sound/Score: B

Story: B

Acting: A-

Food to Watch With:  I wouldn’t recommend eating in this movie, it is way too depressing.

Plot Synopsis:  Dude investigates odd happenings at a creepy old house.

Review:  I thought this was a great movie.  I also found this movie very difficult to watch.  Anytime a movie involves kids in the dying and the suspense I find it very difficult to actually look at the screen, and there were a few times during this movie where I thought about turning it off as I was reaching my limit.  A lot of kids die in this movie, on camera, in very traumatic ways.  The director gives you a little bit of relief in that the kids don’t seem to notice what is going on and they are not screaming in pain and agony or anything like that; but their parents are and that is almost just as bad.  This film is also very depressing, death is everywhere and the visuals are all very dark, misty and old.  Daniel Radcliffe, I believe, does a great job (even if he still looks a bit young) of bringing you in on the pain he is feeling and the supporting actors really twist your stomach in knots with sadness.  It was nice to have a ghost movie where vengeance really is vengeance (kind of like Steven King’s Bag of Bones) and the special effects are smaller; the film relies heavily on physical visualizations and sounds.  The sets are amazing and it was worth watching just for the Victorian feel of the whole thing.  The ending was worth staying around for as it wasn’t standard, and I have to give kudos to the staff member who found all of the creepy looking monkey toys; I have never seen such a collection of fuzzy evilness.

Life Lessons: Don’t be a jerk to family members, and if you live in a town where the ghosts like to kill children, maybe you should move.

Summary:  Good movie that you should only watch if you can handle kids being put in difficult situations.

Would I Watch This Again:  Yep, but I need some time to recover before I do.


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