Works by Author Brett P. S.

Time for another great review of another great author by me, Ray Dawson, a great reviewer/author!!!!

Today I’m reviewing two stories by author Brett P. S.  This author writes both fantasy and science fiction short stories and has amassed a wonderful collection of colorful mind trips.

  1.  Beneath a Blue Sun (4/5):  A great short story about the sole survivor of a crashed space ship.  The writing of the first chapter really pulls you in and does a great job of setting the stage of what is a fairly interesting romp through an alien planet.  As always, no spoilers in my reviews; as this is a short story, any spoiler would give away pretty much everything.  I really enjoyed the story and was ready to know more about the character and the universe by the time it was over.  bluesun
  2.   Beyond the Beyond (4.5):  Another great short story!  It is listed as a science fiction tale but I felt it could also fit in the fantasy and dystopian genres.  This story is told in a non-traditional way as the events unfolding are told from a very fragmented point of view, but it works out well.  It all wraps up nicely and was a really nice way to spend a small break between tasks. beyond

Overall I really enjoyed these stories and I will certainly read more of the authors works.  The stories I read had a great sense of imagery and were intriguing enough for me to finish them in one sitting.  Check this author out, he has a way with short science fiction.

Check him out on his site HERE

He is also on Wattpad, Goodreads and Smashwords and his works are for sale on Amazon.

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