Please stop trying to make church cool

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I’ve had these thoughts for a while now, but it was a local church’s marquee signboard that really pushed me over the edge and fueled this rant post (something I rarely write). There is a church around here with a handmade signboard they change every few months to advertise their church. I’ve never seen them have a slogan that wasn’t cheesy, but last couple have been downright tacky. A few months ago the sign used graffiti-type painting to tell us all about SWAG: Saved with Awesome Grace. Really? I mean, I hate the term “swag” anyway because it just seems like a slap in the face to the English language, but really, church, the best advert you can come up with for the Gospel message is a SWAG acronym?

But the new one they put up a week ago is far worse. It’s a word cloud of Christian-ese words and…

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  1. I totally agree with all this. Churches here in the UK are trying hard to engage with people on a fashionable level and it just doesn’t work. It makes them look cheesy at best and just plain wrong at worst. The best example of the is the church band – whereas before you would have a deep and spine tingling organ, now we have a few player and singers, twenty years ago this kind of worked, but now this is just cheesy and uninspiring. The more the church tries to look cool the worse it becomes. I even went to a church where the teenage singers were dressed like pop stars, showing their mid riff’s off, it wasn’t the thing to do! Christians (I count myself in this) ARE NOTCOOL!!! Stop trying to be. Be loving, caring and understanding, being cool is getting in the way of this.

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