Books by Author Shawn Cowling

Time for another amazing book review, by me, Ray Dawson.

Today I will be doing two short and sweet book reviews from author Shawn Cowling.  You can find information about him from his blog Shawn Writes Stuff.

  1. The first book is a web series called Wren.  Wren can be found here at JukePop.Wren_cover_2_f80cb144_20130408134655PM

I don’t talk about plot or story in reviews unless I really don’t like a book as I believe any book worth its salt should be enjoyed by the reader.  This story was not what I was expecting and while it did get off to a slow start I was hooked by the clever naming of the characters.  The story had some fun twists and turns along the way and I appreciated the landscape building.  This is a continuing saga and I believe it isn’t over yet.  The last chapter that I read ended on a bit of a cliff-hanger and I am interested to see where it goes.

2.  The second review is for a short Horror/Science Fiction story named Roan’s Demon found on Amazon.


Writing in the Horror genre can be difficult.  There is a very fine line to walk between “eewww that is gross” and “Ahhhhh that is freaky”.  I think that Cowling walks this line quite well.  While I did have a few issues with continuity, I did, at the end, find myself wanting the story to continue.  I’m interested to learn more about the backstories of some of the characters and to see if the evil will persist.  I will also say that I found the end satisfying, not the direction that I originally expected it to go.

Over-all I found Cowlings works enjoyable and imaginative.  I will investigate his works further and may report more on them in the future.



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