Sunshine Poster

And thus Cillian Murphy played his greatest role.  The role of the banana!

Movie: Sunshine

Main Actors: Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans (that’s right, Captian America goes to space)

MPAA Rating: R

Passionate Expressions:  Holy cow, lots and lots and lots and lots of these, screamed in succession, over and over and over again.

Useless Vulgar Language:  Not too much of this but it was in there.

Sex in Reality:  No sex in this movie

Imaginary Sex:  Again, no sex in this movie, which is amazing considering the stylized cinematography they did, combined with the fact that everyone is sweating a lot.

Real Violence:  Yes, quite a bit of self-sacrifice.

Action Violence:  Some.  While there is not a lot of gore in this movie, the little bit that they put in there did not mesh with the overall feeling of the movie.

Pointless Violence: Can’t say that there was.

Manly Rating:  A


Cinematography: A

Visual Effects: A+

Sound/Score: A+

Story: A

Acting: A

Food to Watch With:  Let’s see, something that would be in space…..Mush yourself up some vegetables and suck ’em through a straw.

Plot Synopsis:  Mankind attempts to save itself by jump-starting the sun.

Review:  Due to the “Plot Synopsis” you might be thinking this movie is a lot like “The Core”.  No, this movie did not follow that one into the icy depths of lamness; this movie was awesome.  Sunshine is a Sci-Fi movie, through and through.  It is smart, witty, and doesn’t get too wrapped up in showing you technology that could never exist, it just shows you what it needs to.  The visuals combined with the score are fantastic and the acting by the main and secondary characters was solid all the way around.  This movie leaves you to your own interpretations a lot of the time and there is very little downtime for you to catch your breath.  The language is pretty severe but the gore is limited and there is absolutely no sex in this movie.  It was directed by Danny Boyle, the same guy that did “28 Days Later” so expect some curve-balls and honest story telling.  This movie didn’t get a lot of press and didn’t stay in theaters long but it is a jewel worth finding for your DVD collection.

Life Lessons: Great movie that looks very honestly at doing what is best for the whole.

Summary:  Great movie that should fill the Sci-Fi need in most nerds.

Would I Watch This Again:  Absolutely.


  1. i LOVED the first half of this movie! all the sun worshiping, it was great, it was all science fiction-y and wonderful! and then it went in an unexpected direction, and i was like “eh”. will i watch it again? actually, yeah!

    • Yeah, it did seem like the first 2/3rds were different from te last one. But I don’t think it was a change as much as the mental and psychological stress taking physical form. A pan-seared, crispy form anyway.

      • pan-seared and crispy, I love it!! their obsession with the Sun was amazing for me, and I do have to admit that I was mostly just drooling over Cillian Murphy.

  2. … unless said nerds are looking for sci-fi with at least half a brain in its skull, in which case they’ll run screaming from this very pretty but totally moronic misfire. Seriously, did the crew of the Icarus II HAVE to be as stupid and poorly disciplined as they were…? Given that the script was by Alex “Cheap Drama” Garland, I guess so. A ghastly waste of a lovely soundtrack, and that’s about it.

    • I disagree. When you take into account the purpose of their trip, the length of their journey, small quarters and proximity to their ‘obsession’, I think the film did a great job showing the strains that they were going through. But, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and the great thing about sci-fi is that it speaks to everyone differently.

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