One of my favorite things

As I’ve said before, I’m a lover of all media.  I love movies, books, games and music just to name a few.

Below is my favorite music video of all time.  It is old but the song was excellent (probably because it was based on an old song that was more than likely based on an old poem), and the performers did really well.  I’m not sure the band did what they did on purpose or if it was just the way the studio told them to act and the style just happened to fit the song, but either way it worked.  The intensity of the song is played out in the voices and eyes of the band instead of the gyrations of their hips and the destruction of their guitars.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


  1. Hello Ray! I’m coming over from Celi’s Kitchengarden, where you liked one of my comments. Thank you. I was surprized and wonder how it works to “like” one single comment. I am quite new to the Blogger world – Celi’s is my first one where I am participating in an active way. I myself have no blog, no website, can’t let you take part in my life.
    I browsed yesterday a bit on your blog.
    I am not a TV fan, even worse: I do not own a TV set. So you surely understand that movies are not my world.
    But – I came here and stopped: THE ANIMALS attracted my attention. Thank you for bringing me back to lots of memories. I share your opinion: What a good performance they offer with that song. Oh, and how young they were then! Lovely.
    This lead me further on YouTube to listen to some more of their songs with that wonderful voice of great Eric Burdon. I heard song after song and delved deep into the lyrics of each one. I spent all my afternoon with them and was torn by songs I never have heard before, e.g. Sky Pilot. What a ballad. So so intense.
    Thank you again for this wonderful experience – it just was great.
    Have a nice time!

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