Tucker and Dale vs. Evil


Tucker and Dale vs Evil PosterWash!!! You’re Alive!!!!!

Movie:  Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Main Actors:  Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk and Katrina Bowden

MPAA Rating: R – They nailed the rating on this one.  Good job MPAA (sarcastic smile).

Passionate Expressions:  Yes, some of these, nothing out of the ordinary

Useless Vulgar Language:  Also some of this, it is a comedy R.

Sex:  Yes.  There was a short scene of nudity and some other sensual shots.  Nothing that was tied to the plot and for the most part it was unnecessary, unless you are counting the “meta” factor where they did it because it is a requirement of a Horror movie.

Real Violence:  I guess so, this movie is pure comedy/horror so it is hard to tell where the lines are, but I would say anything done by Tucker and Dale would fall in this category.

Action Violence: Some, most of the violence done by the college kids falls into this category.

Pointless Violence:  I would say no.  Yes, the gore is heavy but it is done with humor as the intent, with the purpose being to make fun of gory movies.  If you disagree with me on this that is fine, it is a hard line to find and I think it is different for everyone.

Manly Rating:  A


Cinematography: B

Visual Effects: B

Sound/Score: B

Story: A

Acting: A

Food to Watch With:  If you have a strong stomach go with ice cream.

Plot Synopsis:  College kids decide to kill some hillbillies because, well, they’re hillbillies.

Review:  This movie is a comedic twist on all of those summer “College kids go into the woods and are hunted down and killed by backwards hillbillies in terrible and gory ways” movies.  In this movie the hillbillies are just trying to have a fun vacation and the college kids get scared and try to kill them.  Fortunately for the hillbillies the college kids are idiots and are way better at killing themselves.  Yes, this movie is very gory, a lot like Zombieland.  People are getting impaled all over the place, jumping into wood chippers, being burned, and so on and so forth.  Generally I don’t watch gory movies, but motivation and context can mean a lot.  I don’t watch those summer gore movies because I have no desire to see it, but the comedic side is a lot like “The Search for the Holy Grail” by Monte Python, where the bridge guard keeps having his limbs cut off and spewing blood, and I’m able to watch that just fine.  If you are able to handle that type of gore then go see this movie, I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

Life Lessons:  If you go to college, your death will be terrible.

Summary:  Hilarious and Gory

Would I Watch This Again:  Yep.


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