Awesome Music for Hump Day

I haven’t reviewed music before and I’m not really planning on doing it much, but sometimes I get really into listening to certain bands and feeling the way the music makes me feel so I thought I would post about it.

For the last week I’ve been listening to Soundgarden.  I like most of their stuff but I have been listening to two particular songs in a particular order.

The first song I have been listening to is Black Hole Sun.  While the music video for it is pretty whacked out, when I am listening to the song it can illicit quite a few feelings.  The song makes you kind of feel like giving up on a lot of things, not really in any meaningful way, but it encourages you to let go of whatever is one your mind and just kind of image the world ending.  Sounds messed up I know, but for some reason it just works.  When the song starts to really ramp up and you have gotten into the zone, the guitar part becomes more and more irritated and frantic.  When you combine this with the idea of ending everything it creates a sort of relaxed yet electrically sexual feeling.  The song ends with deep, hard notes which leaves you wanting more.

Now that everything is lost and sexually charged, what better song to follow up than Spoonman.  The song is basically nonsensical but it does hold elements that work well.  Regardless of why the singer is asking Spoonman to save him, it works.  The last song was asking for the end of everything, this one is asking to be saved.  Finally, whether they intended for the bridge to be extremely sexual (they did) is irrelevant, it is.  You can’t have some one scream “Come on while I get off!” and have people not take it in a sexual nature.  Doesn’t matter, after the fueling of the last song, it works perfectly.  Again, the video doesn’t add a whole lot, although it is not as creepy as the last one.  Enjoy!


  1. Maybe he’s suffering through mad withdrawals, and ”Spoonman” is his heroine tool, that he envisions as a superhero…? Just a thought.

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