Button Rock Bakery, Self-Indulgence and Food Reviews

It dawned on me recently that I love writing reviews for things and that I also love to eat things.  The conclusion to the thought I had could only be immediately acted upon, so I quickly sat down and watched a movie.  Halfway through the movie I had the epiphany that I should write food reviews.  It all seemed so clear to me.  Eating food with the justification of criticism, with the excuse, er, intent to share my thoughts to the masses awaiting my every word on the other side of my computer.  Who am I to let the masses down?

I’ve decided to do reviews of restaurants I eat at in my local area (The Northern Colorado area) and post them on here from time to time.  If you don’t live in this area then ignore the food content and just focus on the majestic prose that is dripping from the tips of my grease covered finger tips as I jam them unceremoniously onto my worn-out keyboard. Whew, what a sentence!

To start this marvelous and flavorful exploration of my local area I have chosen the Button Rock Bakery in Lyons, CO.  I have no pictures of the food that I ate as it was consumed too quickly to be picked up by my camera.  I have often lamented the lack of Bakeries in my area; the kinds with chocolate and pastry delights, made fresh daily.  One day, while driving through Lyons I noticed a small little store front and I immediately pulled over.  Walking in I knew I had found what I was looking for.  It is only big enough for one table between the doors and the display cases, but those cases were filled with so many delectable treats I had a very tiny orgasm.

My wife and I have tasted a few of there offerings since them and have found them to be as delicious on the inside as they are on the outside, with portion sizes that made me very happy.  I will post about the next treat that I eat from this wonderful little store but until then, I highly encourage anyone in the area to stop by and take advantage of the American propensity for self-indulgence.

Button Rock Bakery



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