Look out Bradley Cooper, there is a tiny man behind you!!!limitless

Movie:  Limitless

Main Actors:  Bradley Cooper, Anna Friel and Robert De Niro

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (I thought it was closer to R)

Passionate Expressions:  A LOT.

Useless Vulgar Language:  Also quite a few of these, pushing the PG-13 limits for sure.

Sex:  Some people have sex, but it isn’t a big part of the story and breezes right by every time.

Violence:  Yes.  It was a bit brutal for PG-13 violence but it was necessary for the story and tied to the plot.  Not just violence for the sake of violence.

Overall Rating:  B+


Cinematography: B

Visual Effects: A

Sound/Score: B

Story: B+

Acting: A-

Food to Watch With:  I felt like bar food when I watched this so, nachos, wings, beer and onion rings.

Plot Synopsis:  A man takes pills that let him use all of his brain and he uses it to his advantage.

Review:  Wasn’t expecting too much of this movie and it turned out to be a pleaser.  I was wondering when I popped it into the DVD player how they were going to visualize the enhanced mental capacity and I found the way they manipulated the camera view/angle and the lighting changes to be simple and brilliant.  I thought Bradley Cooper did a great job and the script/plot was thought out well.  I will say I thought that some of the violence in the movie was a bit unexpected and strong.  The way the drug starts to affect the main character and the way he tries to swim his way back to normalcy is portrayed extremely wall; I felt for a little bit like I was watching and episode of “House”.

Life Lessons:  Robert De Niro is always a power hungry little monster.

Summary:  Much better than anticipated and I thought Bradley Cooper was better looking than my wife did.

Would I Watch This Again:  Yep.


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