Review: Law Abiding Citizen

Movie: Law Abiding Citizen

Main Actors:
Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler (For a complete list, see IMDB)

MPAA Rating:
R (Medium to low level)

Passionate Expressions:
Maybe just one or two uses of cursing where you would expect it. I’m actually torn a bit over some language that is used at one point against a female judge who is making a ruling on Butler’s character. The language that he uses and the names that he calls her are warranted and they are coming from him in anger. However, he makes the assertion that he is not after revenge, that he is out to make a point and change the justice system. So, while you could see yourself making the same claims and saying the same things, they are not consistent with the message that the story is try to tell.

Useless Vulgar Language:
This movie is filled with strong language that I think the writers used to try and emphasis their point. The problem is that the people they have using the language are portrayed as intellectually smart civil servants and engineers. Some of the conversations that were had over the course of the film could have been heightened and been raised from mere good points to opinion changers if they hadn’t taken the lazy way out.

Sex in a Good Light: Non-existent

Sex in a Bad Light:
There is a perceived rape scene during the first few moments of the film and later there is a woman who is naked from the waist down. And while you don’t see anything, the angles that were used and the things they do show you were enough.

Real Violence:
If someone were to tell you the violence seen and imagined that takes place in this movie in a list, it would sound like they were describing Hostel or some useless, disgusting movie like that. However, when you watch the movie and are heavily invested in it, and you get to some of the more violent scenes (by the way, the most horrific violence is imagined and talked about, not actually shown; a blessing for sure) you actually find yourself rooting for it and agreeing with it. There is a scene with both of the main actors in an interrogation room, after Butler’s character finished murdering the man who raped and murdered his family in a very nasty way. Jamie Foxx’s character (working for the District Attorney) turns off the recorder, sits next to Butler and says “Bravo”. There are deaths by bullets, explosions and miscellaneous pieces of lawn care equipment, but everything has a point.

Action Violence:
I didn’t see any violence in this movie that would count towards pure action.

Pointless Violence:
I believe all the violence they put into this movie had a purpose.

Overall Rating:

Cinematography: C
Visual Effects: B
Sound/Score: B
Story: A
Acting: A

Food to Watch With:
Eating food while watching this movie might be difficult because it is easy to get wrapped up in the story. However, as hard as it is to ignore good acting, it is equally hard to ignore good food. Gerard Butler’s character enjoys a nice Steak Dinner with all the trimmings and every time I have watched him eat it I feel hungry. So, I recommend the same. Steak, mashed potatoes, cheesy noodles and some vegetable drenched in butter. However, I recommend finishing your meal before Butler finishes his.

Plot Synopsis:
A brilliant and angry father attempts to not only get even with but change a corrupt justice system after it makes a deal with his family’s murderer.

Review: 2009 was a great year for movies and this one stood its ground alongside the best of them. Both Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx provide believable, well thought-out characters whose words might not be clear indicators of their true motivations. This movie does a good job of portraying problems with the justice system when it comes up against other idealisms of Right and Wrong, Honor, and Integrity.

Life Lessons:
Life isn’t fair, do everything with Integrity and don’t underestimate Gerard Butler

Excellent Movie, People in the Justice system should watch it but I doubt most of them would understand it.

Would I Watch This Again: Absoutely


  1. That movie was bad-A$$! I just wish Gerard Butler’s character would have championed through to the end! (Was that a spoiler?!?)

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