Conan the Barbarian

Movie:  Conan the Barbarian

Main Actors:  Jason Mamoa, Stephen Lang and Rachel Nichols

MPAA Rating: R (Deserved)

Passionate Expressions:  Not any that I can remember

Useless Vulgar Language:  Nope.  Just lots and lots of screaming.

Sex: There is a lot of nudity in this movie.  I can understand that they wanted to show the naked, rough and tough barbarian society.  But, you lose that concept when all of the naked ladies are clean models.  If you are going to do it then do it, don’t just show nudity to show it.

Real Violence:  Lots of this.  More than has been in movies lately.  Violence was tied to the plot and done well.

Overall Rating:  B-


Cinematography:  A

Visual Effects: A

Sound/Score: B

Story: B

Acting: B

Food to Watch With:  Bar food, your choice.

Plot Synopsis:  A giant muscled man seeks revenge for the death of his father and also saves the world while he is at it.

Review:  Could this movie have been great, yes. Was there lots and lots of manliness, yes.  Was there lots of gore, yes, more then I was expecting.  Was the pointless model nudity in this movie almost too much to ignore. Yes.  Jason Momoa didn’t get as ripped as Arnold, but he beefed up a lot from the character he played in Stargate Atlantis.  If you are struggling with watching nudity at all, don’t watch this movie.  Not one to take your wife to if she doesn’t like hard-core war violence (it was somewhere between the stylized violence of 300 and the meat grinding violence of Black Hawk Down).  I think there are supposed to be deeper  philosophical meanings in this movie but I couldn’t find them.  All in all I would say this would be a great movie to watch if was edited for TV.

Life Lessons:  If you don’t want your kid to be battle-born, then don’t go into battle pregnant.

Summary: Okay movie that could have been better.

Would I Watch This Again:  I have no real desire to right now so probably not.


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