Review: The Rock

Movie: The Rock

Main Actors: Ed Harris, Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery (See a full list at IMDB)

MPAA Rating: R (This rating is deserved)

Cursing: There’s lots of it; LOTS OF IT!!!

Sex: There is a scene where two people are perceived to be having sex, but you can tell when it is coming and avoid it.  You want to avoid it because it contains Nicolas Cage! AHHHHHHHHH!

Real Violence: Not much, but sometimes it shows up.

Action Violence:
 There is so much of it that if it was removed it would just be a movie of Ed Harris looking mad and then very sad.

Overall Rating:

Food to watch with: Nachos (Something about cheese just makes this movie better)

Plot Synopsis: Conflicted Marine General (Ed Harris) steals a truck load of VX Gas Weapons in order to secure reparations for the families of Military member killed in action. He sets up a hostage situation on the Island Prison of Alcatraz and makes his demands to the US Government. A chemical weapons expert (Nicolas Cage) is brought in by the FBI along with the only man to ever escape Alcatraz (Sean Connery) to stop the General before he detonates the chemical weapon over the LA skyline.

Review: In a word: AWESOME!!! This is the quintessential Bruckheimer movie; the one where he really came into his own. It’s got it all. Explosions, car chases, gun fights, die hard Marines, the FBI and just to make it interesting the story throws chemical warfare into the mix. Of the three actors Sean Connery takes the Alpha Male prize but Ed Harris is a close second. Nicolas Case is mostly just there to make the other two guys a look a bit more manly and confident by being a consistent, nagging whiner. There appeared to be a few times during the film when Connery’s character was going to kill Cage himself for being weakest link and I have to admit that I was rooting for him to do it.

Life Lessons: If Ed Harris wants to win he will win, if he wants to lose he will lose.  So, I guess that no matter what, Ed Harris wins.

Summary: If you watch this movie you won’t be disappointed. The bigger the screen the better the experience. This is a great film to watch if you don’t feel like playing Xbox.


  1. “I’ll take pleasure in guttin’ you, boy!”

    I’ve loved The Rock ever since I saw if for the first time, way back on June 25th 1996!

  2. Sean Connery is the epitome of charisma. His presence is enough to make any film magnetic…and that voice!

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