Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Movie: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Main Actors:
 Tom Cruise, Rebecca Furguson, Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner

MPAA Rating:
 PG-13 – This rating seemed pretty accurate.

Passionate Expressions:
 Not many.  All of the agents keep there cool under pressure so there are generally not many expletives.

Useless Vulgar Language:
 None that I can remember.  So if there were any they obviously didn’t make much of an impression.

Sex in a Good Light: Nope.

Sex in a Bad Light:
 There is not sex in this movie.  Just an obligatory scene where a woman changes out of a wet-suit and they try to perfectly capture the idea of side-boob.

Manly Violence:
 Pretty much all of the violence in this movie is well done and connected to plot. The violence in this movie is also more centered around the main characters doing crazy stunts so people on people violence is kept to a minimum.

Action Violence:
 While the violence is extremely stylized it is still connected to the plot and has a point.

Pointless Violence:

Overall Rating:

Cinematography: B
Visual Effects: A
Sound/Score: A
Story: B+
Acting: A

Food to Watch With:
  Buttered popcorn as this a pure summer movie popcorn flick.

Plot Synopsis:
 The Impossible Mission Force must stop a corrupt secret force to keep the world safe.

Review: Another great installment in the Mission Impossible franchise.  I am not counting Mission Impossible II as part of that list as it was so bad it is to be stricken from the public record.  While all of the Mission Impossible movies are technically the same plot (watch this awesome Honest Trailer for a great synopsis of the series).

All of the actors did a great job and the stunts team did a great job.  Of course by stunts team I mean Tom Cruise.  He did some crazy things for the movie such as hanging onto the outside of an airplane when it took off or holding his breath for a crazy amount (we are talking several minutes) of time.  The end result of all of his crazy antics is an incredibly fun movie that will having you lurching around in your seat as you try to help Tom Cruise navigate the missions he chooses to accept.  The filming is great, the drama is great and the problems the teams are presented with are fun both in there explanations and solutions.  I can’t wait to watch it again and I can’t wait for them to make another one.

Life Lessons:
 Tom Cruise is ageing in reverse, seriously, I don’t understand what is happening to him.

 Great summer movie that is going to be a great addition to any home movie collection.

Would I Watch This Again: Does Tom Cruise’s hair look good blowing in the breeze?


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