The Cabin in the Woods

Hiring a home inspector before purchasing can alleviate a lot of problems.

Movie: The Cabin in the Woods

Main Actors: Kristen Connolly, Fran Kranz and Chris Hemsworth

MPAA Rating: R (This movie was absolutely an R)

Passionate Expressions:  A standard amount of these.

Useless Vulgar Language:  The usual for a horror/comedy.

Sex in Reality:  LOL

Imaginary Sex:  Yep.  But that is the point of the movie.  The “actors” are controlled by the government overseers and are drugged and manipulated into sex acts that are not usual or that are designed for the enjoyment of others.  It can be a bit graphic but at least it has a point.

Real Violence: All of the violence in this movie is a direct result of the plat and makes sense in terms of story telling and is in fact necessary for story telling.

Action Violence:  Due to the highly allegorical story telling I do not believe there was any violence in this movie that was just their to entertain.

Pointless Violence: While most horror movies generally would have all of their violence in this category, this is a Whedon film and pointless violence does not enter the equation.

Overall Rating:  A


Cinematography: B

Visual Effects: B

Sound/Score: B

Story: A+

Acting: A

Food to Watch With:  Whatever you would want your last meal on earth to be.

Plot Synopsis:  College kids venture into the friendly universe of psycho-killers, but there is more at risk than it seems.

Review:  It is the year of Whedon!  This movie combined the great film-making minds in Whedon and Goddard (Cloverfield) for what was most certainly a genre-crushing movie.  There are too many spoiler mines to avoid so I won’t go to into the plot but I do think that a warning is in order.  Yes, this movie is awesome and hilarious, full of twists and turns that are all around fun.  However the violence is pretty graphic and can be disturbing at times.  It is an interesting mix between Whedon’s humor and extremely serious visuals.  Also the sensuality/sexuality gets pretty high; if you struggle with not watching those scenes at all then this is not a movie for you.  It is kind of a lot like 300 that way.

Life Lessons: Amazingly there are quite a few in there, you just have to pay attention to pull them out.

Summary:  Great, albeit, very dangerous movie.

Would I Watch This Again:  I do plan to, yes.


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